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Handwriting fonts, at last a complete set of fonts for teachers and parents to make their own handwriting exercises, posters, crosswords, flashcards and other teaching resources on your computer.

The Maths fonts includes Geometric Shapes, Any Fraction, Mathematical Symbols, and Time and Money.

These handwriting fonts come in sets, and include: Bold, Dots, Cursive, Outline, Regular, Numbered Dots and Numbered Outline. Numbers are included. All our fonts are TrueType and scaleable to any size, available for both Macintosh, including OSX, and IBM compatible computers (PCs) running Windows, including XP, Vista and Windows 7. If we don't have the style you need Tell Us! as School Fonts (formerly the Shepherdson Community Education Centre - Computer Fund) we can probably make it for you.

Click on any of the links below for more information and examples.

Handwriting fonts   - for Australian parents and schools.

NSW fonts    ( A set of eight fonts )

Qld fonts        ( A set of nine fonts )

Vic, WA and NT fonts   ( A set of ten fonts )

Tasmanian fonts        ( A set of eight fonts )

SA fonts   ( A set of eight fonts )


Maths fonts

Primary Maths fonts (Australia)   ( A set of four fonts ) An absolute must for primary school teachers.

Primary Maths fonts (United States America)   ( A set of four fonts )


Other fonts   

New Zealand school handwriting fonts   ( A set of seven fonts )

Stick & Ball   ( A set of four fonts )

Letter Box   ( A set of four fonts )

Casual   ( A set of two fonts )


Prices: The cost for a School Site License is $60 per font set, this covers all school computers.  For families, teachers an Individual License is $30 (Australian dollars) (GST not applicable, see notes below).

Fonts are emailed. If you also want a CD with your order please add $10. See the Order Form for more details. If you are happy with our fonts please tell your friends and colleagues, but please be honest and ask them to contact us if they want a copy.

Conditions of Sale: The fonts sets shown on this website are only available from School Fonts. Licenses to use these fonts are not sold through any other outlets. Fonts are not to be sold, modified or used commercially without the written permission of the School Fonts.

Payment Methods:

1. Credit cards: You can pay using your credit card. While we don't directly accept credit card payments, you can make a payment through Paymate or through  Paypal.  Identify School Fonts by entering our email address;   'john@schoolfonts.com.au'.  Please email us if you make a payment through Paypal, we often don't get a notice from Paypal that a payment has been made, and your payment may go unnoticed. Please make sure you tell us whether you want Mac or Windows fonts.

Using Paymate you can make a payment with your credit card without setting up an account. We will email you the fonts when your payment has been received. Paymate payments take about one business day to appear in our account. Please make sure you tell us whether you want Mac or Windows fonts.

2. Alternatively you can send a cheque or money order with your order form to:

School Fonts

POBox 40743

Ph: (08) 8948 3443 (answering machine)


Fax: (08) 8948 0783 (can be unreliable due to power failures)


Email: john@schoolfonts.com.au

Click here for details and an Order Form

If you are a school, child care centre, or business and need to pay on an invoice, you can email through a completed order form or details of you order with a  purchase order number. Remember to tell us whether you want Mac or Windows fonts.

:     If it can be avoided please don't send orders unless accompanied by the full amount.  Orders may not processed over school holidays (depends if we are going away). Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. The best way to contact us is by email.

For further information about why these fonts were created in the first place, you may be interested to read our history page. Or you may like to know what happens to the money earned from font sales.

Leigh-ann kindly emailed instructions for loading fonts onto Windows XP. We have added instructions for installing the Mac fonts into her email. Thanks Leigh-ann.

We received an email from Matthew with an attached zip file of "dotted thirds" as watermarks. You can read what Matthew said, and download this file if you like. Then Jeni emailed us to say, "I'm interested in being able to type words and have the box shape come up for children to recognize the shape of the word." Jeni's suggestion was followed a couple of days later with a new font called "Letter Boxes". Thanks Jeni.

School Fonts is not, and cannot legally be registered for GST with the Australian Tax Office, therefore GST is not payable when you purchase these fonts.

Documentation Lost?:
If you have misplaced of lost your documentation on using the handwriting fonts or maths fonts, they can be downlaoded here: Writing instruction sheet 1, Writing Instruction sheet 2, Maths Sheet 1, and Maths sheet 2.

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